• I'm worried. Isn't football a dangerous sport. What is your view on safety?
    Football is a fast, competitive, contact sport. Just like any sport, a player reduces his risk of injury when they are properly trained on game fundamentals and safety.

    At Sonoma County Youth Football (SCYF) we believe that teaching proper fundamentals is key to reducing the opportunity for injuries. Proper conditioning, techniques, and drills help our football players decrease their chances for injury. Our conditioning and practice program involves teaching drills with high repetition at full speed during practice. We believe that by teaching our athletes the proper fundamentals involved in blocking and tackling, along with situational plays, allows players to make quick decisions with confidence.  By putting the team into a position and having them make a play, we are developing athletes that not only know basic football skills but are also able to think strategically, confidently, and quickly. They understand the mental part of the game.  We believe this practice theory  reduces risk and maximizes success on the football field.

  • What does football registration include?
    Sonoma County Youth Football registration includes:

    1. Season use of game jersey, league helmet, pads, and equipment
    2. Experienced coaching

    Players will need to purchase practice jersey, cleats, and socks. Parents will have the option to buy game jersey at time of registration. We hold onto a check made out to the club for $100 as a gear deposit.  Once gear is returned at the end of the season, we give you your check back or destroy it.

  • I think my child is a natural quarterback. Will he/she have the opportunity to play quarterback?
    Each player is continually evaluated as to the skills that he/she possess and how those skills translate to a particular position in football. A player’s work ethic, ability to learn and physical skills determine what position that child will play.
  • My child is talking about playing football. I think basketball is his/her best sport. Would a sport like football hurt his/her progression in a sport like basketball?
    We have anecdotal examples of athletes that have played SCYF and seen their abilities in other sports improve. The improvement comes in the speed at which they play the sport both physically and mentally,  as well as the aggressiveness with which they play. Likewise we at SCYF want multi-sport athletes playing in our league. We believe allowing a child to play many sports as a child is a gift that helps to round out a memorable, and enjoyable childhood experience.
  • I don’t know if we can afford the tuition to play. Are scholarships available?
    The short answer is yes. Although we know some might not have the means to monetarily contribute to our league, we believe everyone has the ability to contribute something (for example with their time). We ask that everyone be willing to help contribute to needs of the league such as helping in the “Snack Shack”, working the chain gang or helping with field prep.  These are only a few examples of how one can “give back.” Football is a community.  It is a team sport which needs everyone’s full effort to be successful.
  • How far do we travel for games?
    Most teams are within a 2 hour driving radius. We realize that often times, due to any number of reasons, families have difficulties making long road trips. This challenge is overcome by simply working in “carpools.”
  • What are the weight limits for Pee Wee, J.V. and Varsity?
    Team determination is based on weight and age. Pee Wee is 4th graders and below (max age 10/max weight 90lbs), J.V. is 6th graders and below (max age 12/max weight 120lbs), and Varsity is 8th graders and below (max age 14/max weight 155lbs).